Prenatal Classes


Our prenatal classes are designed just for midwifery clients and their families!

Our classes run approximately every 2 months out of the Palmerston clinic.  Topics included are:

  • End of pregnancy- discomforts, tips and tricks, and self care.
  • Optimal fetal positioning- How is your baby sitting? How do they help?
  • Labour and birth- support, information, comfort measures, and plenty of time to practice with your partner or family support!
  • Complications- what happens when things don't go as planned?
  • Advocacy- how to speak up for yourself or a loved one
  • Postpartum- What happens after baby arrives? What to expect in the first few hours, first few days, and weeks.
  • Breastfeeding- How to get breastfeeding off to a good start!

All materials needed for class are provided, as well as a healthy snack!

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