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Olive Victoria born to Brooke, Ben, and Oscar!

April 1, 7:55pm.

For weeks Ben had been saying we’d have Olive on April Fool’s Day. That morning, we started doing the castor oil belly rub and pumping at the same time (we had tried this a few days before and it didn’t work). I was having contractions the whole time and after two hours, we stopped to go for a walk. During the walk, the contractions stopped so we figured it didn’t work. Ben was determined so we did the belly rub and pumping in the afternoon. At 2pm, he said, “I want to have this baby and be home from the hospital by 8pm.” I told him there was no way that could happen! When we stopped the belly rub, contractions continued so I had a shower.

When my midwife and student midwife arrived, my contractions were feeling very painful. She checked me and said I was already 6cm! I called my parents and told them to leave now (it’s a 2.5 hour drive). I hopped in the bath because I couldn’t handle the pain. About 15 minutes later, my midwife said that we need to either leave for the hospital now or have her at home. Even our back up babysitter would still take 20 minutes to arrive. We had planned a hospital water birth, but the contractions were so painful, I couldn’t imagine being out of the water for the 30 minute drive to the hospital and then waiting as the midwives filled up the tub. We were a little nervous, but between the pain and uncertainty of who would watch Oscar, we decided to have her at home!

I couldn’t believe how soon after we decided the midwife told me to take off my bathing suit bottoms! The contractions were so horrible and this time I didn’t find that the jets helped, so I kept turning on the hot water and putting my back under it. It was weird… with Oscar I was so ready to push, but this time I just felt too exhausted. My midwife kept reassuring me that this was like the end of Oscar’s labour. Suddenly I felt the urge to push. I kept putting my face underwater and turning sideways to cope with the pain. I couldn’t believe how quickly it happened… only five minutes of pushing and she was out! She was born twenty minutes after we decided to stay home so it’s a good thing we didn’t try to drive the half hour to the hospital! She was born at 7:55pm so we were “home by 8pm” like Ben wanted.

We were so in love right away! It was such an amazing feeling having her at home in the tub, with no pain relief. Also being with Ben and my amazing midwife was so special. We will definitely do a home birth again!

Then I got out and showered and went straight to my bed! It was so awesome already being home. By the time my parents arrived, the baby was already here! They brought Oscar up and we introduced him to his new sister! My recovery and breastfeeding have been much better this time around. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family! I couldn’t be happier!

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