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Midwifery Services

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Midwives offer prenatal care in the clinic or home setting within our community service area. We cover all routine lab work, diagnostics like ultrasound, and visits for wellness.

Labour & Birth

Midwives attend people during their labour and birth in their chosen place of birth, either home or hospital. 


No matter where you have your baby, after they are born we can come to you! Midwives provide a combination of in hospital, home and in clinic postpartum support. 

About Midwifery Care

While midwifery care has been around for many years, it was legislated in Ontario in 1991. For families who are new to midwifery care, or trying to decide if the model of care is what they are looking for, we have outlined some of our core philosophies here.

There are three principles that guide midwifery care; 

Informed Choice; implied consent is not enough in health care. We take time to present current research in combination with your own personal health history to ensure you have enough information to make a decision about your care that is right for you.

Choice of Birth Place; Where you choose to have your baby matters! We are a rural practice, and our midwives are skilled at attending births both at home, in the community, and in hospital. We work together to help you choose the right place to have your baby.

Continuity of Care; Knowing who will be with you at your birth is important! Our model of care means you will have a small group of midwives (2-3) who you will get to know well and who will care for you from your first visit right through the last! 

Midwives are trained via an extensive combination placement of University academics and clinical placements which gives an excellent combination of research based care and hands on experience in order to support you and your family. We frequently have students at our practice and you are welcome, but not required, to have them involved in your care too!

Our Services & Care

Midwives offer care during pregnancy from conception, through ongoing support during labour and birth, as well as 6 weeks of postpartum care. We are able to offer a wide range of screening, and diagnostics, as well as complementary therapies and ideas to promote wellness and health.

Is There a Cost For Midwifery Care?

No, in Ontario, there is no cost for midwifery care. Our services are funded by provincial health insurance, OHIP, or reciprocal coverage from another province. We are also fully funded by the ministry of health, to cover care for those who do not have OHIP or other health insurance.

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