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Midwifery Students

Midwifery students are a valued part of the Countryside practice. We feel that students bring a fresh mind and enthusiasm to our work, and our clients in general are very willing to allow students to be involved in their care, and often enjoy the relationships that develop. The practice currently has ten midwives with a variety of backgrounds, education, and involvement in student placements. We cherish students who are looking to learn more about, or who would like to experience rural practice with a focus on natural birth.

About Countryside Midwifery Placements

The countryside practices are nestled in the heart of rural living in South Western Ontario. We cover a large area, and provide midwifery care to a wide variety of clients.  The midwives here enjoy good relationships with the community health care providers, as well as hospital staff, and most of all- a good relationship with each other! You will find welcoming support to your learning needs at this practice!

Where am I headed? What's it like?

Location and rural life

Our practice is located in farm country! We do a lot of driving to home visits and home births. In an average week a midwife may drive between 500-800 kms providing care. Winters here are cold and snowy and reliable transportation is the responsibility of a student- winter tires aren't merely a good idea on these roads! There is an amazing local food scene, and there is a warm community to become a part of!

We serve a large portion of the families in the area with midwifery care. We take care of a huge range of families, both in clinic and with home visits. Our clients are Amish and Mennonite of a variety of backgrounds, as well as "English" (non-plain.) All of our clients are seeking midwifery services for the emphasis we place on good care for both mum and baby with a holistic focus on natural birth and parenting.

Many of our clients come from a more conservative background and have requested that we dress simply for the times that we visit their homes. Business casual clothing works well in the clinic, while skirts and clothing with minimal embellishments and minimal jewelry is worn when we do visits in the community. We appreciate that students who come to our practice are willing to observe this practice out of respect for our clients wishes.

Who are your clients?

Students From:

Midwifery Education Program (MEP)

International Midwifery Pre-Registration Program (IMPP)

Multi Jurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Program (MJMBP)

Independent Midwifery Students

Student Skills

You may have the opportunity to learn and gain skills in:

  • Intake and history taking
  • Prenatal visits
  • Lab work and diagnostic testing
  • Labour and Birth in a variety of settings (home, waterbirth, VBAC, hospital, rural, and town)
  • Postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Family planning and well woman care
  • Normal, healthy childbearing!

Being a Normal Childbearing student at Countryside Midwifery Services was a wonderful experience! I had the opportunity to work with experienced midwives and women who demonstrated great generosity and wisdom, as I was welcomed into their lives. And what a journey it was!


From my first week observing clinic and home visits, then gradually gaining the skills to offer informed choice discussions and labour support to, by the end of placement, feeling I was reasonably competent at catching babies and offering prenatal and postpartum support. The long drives across counties meant for lots of mentoring time one-on-one with my preceptors.


The home and clinic visits were a wonderful opportunity to get to know and learn from the lovely families in our rural community. And, through all this, I was taught tremendous skills in how to be the holistic midwife I hope to become, in the spirit of respecting and valuing women, families and normal birth.


~Michelle Turner, Ryerson University

A Word From Previous Students

2010 - present

2010 - present

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