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Student Placements at Countryside Midwives

Midwives providing physical labour support at a workshop.
Midwives walking through the hallways of a local hospital.
A midwife practicing dilation measurement by comparing to their steering wheel logo.
Teaching models set up for training in neonatal resuscitation.

Many of our midwives are preceptors with the MEP (Midwifery Education Program), and the IMPP (International Midwifery Pre-Registration Program). 

Midwifery education is a 4 year bachelors degree, which is a combination of academics, clinical skills, and community placement learning opportunities. Midwives welcome students to the practice at any stage of their learning for placements and we look forward to helping new midwives to grow and flourish!

In the past, we have also been able to support community placement opportunities for nursing students, nurse practitioners, obstetrical students, and those seeking international placements. If you are interested in learning more about a placement at Countryside, please feel free to contact us! We'd love to meet you and see if we are able to give you a unique learning experience. 

If you have a confirmed MEP or IMPP placement at Countryside, you will be in contact with a preceptor soon. To login to the student learning section of the website including community information and maps, orientation package, and clinical resources, please contact our administrators for a password and login here. 

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