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Accessibility at Countryside

Physical Accessibility

Our office space in Milverton is not fully accessible, which we hope to improve in the future. There is an accessible parking space to the front left of the main entrance door. The doors are of an accessible width and there is a short transition strip into the building. The doors do not currently have an automatic opener. We are glad to meet you at the door to open it for anyone who may need. The inside of the office space is accessible for anyone using mobility aids or a manual wheelchair. We have an accessible bathroom with railings and a moderate turning diameter. It does not have an automatic door, which we hope to improve. 

Our Harriston site  is fully accessible including accessible bathroom. Each door has automatic openers and the hallways are wide enough for clearance with a variety of mobility aids should they be used by clients. 

In both offices our exam beds are not adjustable for height, though they do have a single step. We are able to easily accommodate a clinical visit on a futon in a private room which has a lower access point. 

Visual Accessibility

If you would like any of our handouts, client resource binder, or other resources formatted into large print or braille, please let us know at your intake appointment and we can coordinate printing according to need. If you use a screen reader for accessible content, we are happy to provide you with digital copies of all of our paper format handouts. 

Auditory Accessibility

Our team is happy to use methods of communication which support those who are Deaf/deaf, have hearing loss, or auditory processing disorders. Please let us know what method works best for you and we will ensure we can provide streamlined methods for clear communication. In the past we have used interpreters, TTY, and live captioning services.

Neurodivergent & Cognitive Accessibility

We are aware of the unique considerations those who are neurodivergent may have and we are very willing to make independent accommodations for your care. If you need specifics such as low or lowered lighting, a quiet space, extra time, appointment reminders, or anything else that might make your care easier to access, please let us know. Fidgets or neuro supports are welcome, and you may recognize some favourites on our midwives desks as well!

Translation Services

We have many clients for whom English is a second language and we recognize how crucial it is for families to have accurate interpretation or translation of their care. Families are welcome to bring a translator of their choice, or we are happy to provide one. Please let us know if you will require translation services prior to your first appointment so we can have them arranged. 

Appointment Time

A common timeframe for appointments is 30 minutes, or 60 minutes for the first or last appointment. Some midwives do vary from this scheduling. If you feel you would benefit from longer appointment times to allow for accessible care please let us know and we are happy to book accordingly.

Support Persons & Service Animals

Throughout the pandemic, there have been a variety of waves where we had to minimize people coming into the clinic, occasionally including partners and children. A support person for accessibility or disability accommodations is always allowed to be present with you by law in Ontario. This includes for any clinical care, and particularly for physical exams. By law in Ontario, approved service animals (as outlined by the AODA) are allowed to accompany clients to appointments. Due to the nature of our clinical space, and as a shared space with other clients, we appreciate knowing in advance if a service animal will be accompanying you to your visit so we can make arrangements within the clinic space at the time of your appointment to ensure safety and wellbeing for everyone present. 

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