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Labour & Birth Links

A list of links to more information about care topics during labour & birth.

Choosing a Place of Birth:

Midwives support choice of birth place, and midwives at our clinic are able to offer Home or Hospital births. To find out more about our birth locations, please see more information here.

Countryside midwives hold privileges at a number of hospitals, and we are all experienced with home births. Links to our hospitals are below. Ask your midwife which hospital(s) they work out of. 

Occasionally, client who require a high risk setting may have their baby/babies in London. Find a video here of how to access the birth unit at the London Health Sciences Hospital Here

Trusting Birth- Stories, Videos, and Supports:

Midwifery Handouts for Labour & Birth Discussions:

These pdf handouts are from the Association of Ontario Midwives and are helpful for decision making between you and your midwife. There are more topics located in the Labour & Birth, and Postpartum link sections.

Labour & Birth Supports:

Special Considerations for Labour & Birth:


A List of videos and clips we have found helpful for clients. Please note, linking a video does not promote the content of the entire website or channel.

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